Owner Modern Diesel

Kary Sabedra

My Name is Kary Sabedra. I started Modern Diesel LLC in 2015 I am sole owner. Started doing Road service only then built a shop. 

I have been in diesel repair truck for 17 years. I am 34 years old. I graduated Universal Technical Institute in 2005 with degree in Automotive and Diesel technologies.

I live in Austin and was raised in Alaska. I started my first company when I was 16 years old.  I have always been a driven entrepreneur and currently own two other companies in Austin called Modern Compactor Repair LLC and Modern Waste Transportation Inc.  

I am a part of a life plan vision group and ride motocross often. 

Service Manager

Heath Aaron McClain

Name : Heath Aaron McClain

Nickname – At the bowling alley they call him Vince. 

Your Position – Service Manager

Your Height – 5 ft 9 inch

Your Goals – To work with Modern Diesel until retirement. 

Years experience – 40 Years 

Your Most Impressive achievements – Been married for 36 years to the same women. 

Hobby -Loves Bowling. Rolling every Thursday for the last 14 years and never rolled a 300.

Animals – Love cats and Scorpions. 

A fun fact about you – Loves Scorpions – He has them as pets.

Tech B

Ernesto Jesus Campos

Your Position – Tech B 

Height – 5ft 4 inch

Nick Name in the shop – Big Ern

Your Goals – Be the best Tech In Texas.

Years experience – 3.5 years 

Your Most Impressive achievements – Building out my Mamalona (truck)

Hobby – Loves to go dancing and go to truck meets and meet new people with the same passion for amazing truck builds. 

Animals – Has a shih Tzu

A fun fact about you – Loves horse racing and traveling to Mexico. 

Tech A

John David Lackey

Your Position – Tech A 

Your Height – 5ft 10 inch 

Your Goals – Be the best Dad to his boys. Teach them how to work hard and live in the country, 

Years experience – 10 

An Impressive achievement – Becoming a Dad. Raising his kids 

Hobby – Shooting, Hunting and Fishing. 

Animals – Has 2 labs and a few cows. 

A fun fact about you – Shot with the USA shooting Team in High School and through College. 

He loves working on blowout control situations in the oil field. Contain spills and fire fighting. 

Office Manager

Ricki Lynn Johnson

Nickname – Tricky Ricki

Your Position – Office Manager 

Your Height – 5 ft 3 Inch 

Your Goals – To be the best MOM in the world.  

Years experience – 4 years

Your Most Impressive achievements – Getting pregnant with a baby boy. 

Hobby – Sleeping and Eating. 

Animals – has a Miniature Goat named Taquito and 3 dogs. 

A fun fact about you -Loves OffShore fishing. 

Tech A

Chance Dean Jones

Nickname – Chance the Man 

Your Position – Tech A 

Your Height – 5ft 10 inch 

Your Goals – Build his hour on land with a Hot Rod shop on the property. 

Years experience – 12 Years 

An Impressive achievement – Becoming a DAD – also running 10 second Quarter mile in his daily driver. 

Hobby – Building and looking at Hot Rods. 

Animals – Has 1 baby Mastiff 

A fun fact about you – Got his first Snap On wrench at 12 years old.