Hybrid Engines? Let’s talk about the future of Diesel.

Hey everyone, this is Kary Sabedra, owner at Modern Diesel.
We’re talking about an exciting subject today, which is the unveiling of a combustion engine that can potentially run on any fuel.

And this isn’t from some obscure company, it’s from Cummins, which we all know and love.

Cummins claims that they have a fuel agnostic internal combustion engine that can basically run on any fuel.

Electric vehicles are trending right now, but there may be a future where drivers use more sustainable fuels like hydrogen or e-fuels.

Cummins knows that there will be changes to fuel sources for combustion engines, and so they recently announced plans to switch to hydrogen long term. Hydrogen of course burns differently than other fuels, so there are challenges to running hydrogen, but the American engine manufacturer thinks that these challenges can be overcome.

Often incentives have to align in order for change to happen. In this case, Cummins developing a flexible fuel agnostic engine will allow them to save development time and production, which ultimately saves them money and then those costs are passed onto the consumer.

These engines will feature the same base below the head gasket. What differs of course id the duel that’s used and what’s above the head gasket. B, L, and X-Series engine portfolios will likely come in diesel, natural gas, and hydrogen configurations.

Modern Diesel will continue to watch these developments so we can better serve our customers. We’re as excited as you are about better tech. Trust us.


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5 Diesel Truck Essentials to Drive With

Hey everyone, it’s Kary Sabedra with Modern Diesel. When a roadside accident occurs, a lot of people blame this on the poor road, the other driver, lack of road signs or the weather. This list is endless. Very few people take responsibility for it


A majority of roadside accidents that makes it to the national statistics is more self-caused than say, externally caused. Negligence, simply put, is the singular reason for most road accidents.


There are things that you should never guess their conditions before hitting the road. Before you slot in your key and start your vehicle, make sure certain parts are available and are in their best states possible.


I’ve compiled five things to look out for before closing your car door, to zoom off:

You Should have at least one spare tire in your Car

This is not a negotiable thing to do. You know that thought that tells you not to worry about a spare tire, the reason being that before that time you have not needed it. Because you have not needed a spare tire does not mean you should be careless about it. You never know when you may need it. So, ensure you have your spare tire in your car. Even if you never get to use it, you may know someone who will.

Always Carry Your Fire Extinguisher

This too should not be negotiated at all. Remember, that you have not needed it before does not mean you will not. Mind you, it is not an ornament. Rather than wish you had it, have it.

Fire outbreaks are bound to happen now and again. If it is not because of an accident, it may be because of car over-heating. Whatever the case, having a fire-extinguisher at such a time may save your life.

Double-Check to See how Well your Wind-Screen is/are

Particularly during spring, winter and summer, you cannot afford to be blinded by a sandstorm or a heavy downpour because your wind-screens are faulty. You should check this feature before zooming off. Windscreens are not so expensive that you should risk not having them in your vehicle.

Make Sure your Dashboard is Working Well

Car overheating can be traced to driving a car with a faulty dashboard. Your Speedometer, fuel gauge even clock must be in proper working condition. You may ask why is a clock so important. You will not want to miss an important meeting or interview because you were looking at the wrong time.

A good Dashboard will tell you when your petrol is about to finish. This will save you from parking by the roadside because your car stopped far from petrol stations.

You should not Drive with a Broken Side Mirror

Ensure that both side mirrors are in good condition. This will save you the cost of leaning on another pair of eyes, which may be inexperienced, to direct you.

Book an appointment with me to change your side mirror when it becomes faulty. Ignoring the health of your side mirrors is why accidents occur.

I hope these help you to drive and maximise your car to its topmost capabilities. Does your car need repairs? Or is it due for service? Reach out to me. Rest assured Kary got you covered.