4 Reasons Why Changing your Diesel Truck Oil is Important

Hi everyone, Kary here with Modern Diesel. If you drive a diesel truck, I believe you’ll find today’s blog really helpful. We’re going to be talking about why changing your diesel truck oil is very important.

The main powerhouse of your diesel truck is its engine and a regular oil change is an important part of maintaining it. Engine oils act as a lubricator and protectant for the many complicated parts of your engine.

There are many reasons why changing your diesel truck oil is very important but, in this blog, I want to focus on the 4 most important ones. The following are the reasons why you should consider changing your oil regularly.

Reason 1 –To Avoid Mechanical Problems

Mechanical problems arise with your truck when there is no proper flow of oil within your engine. Lubrication is a major part of engine functions because the parts involved in keeping your vehicles moving, work under high temperatures.

The work of the engine oil is to balance the temperature and lubricate your diesel engine. Letting your engine oil dry up or get dirty can lead to mechanical problems. To avoid unforeseen issues, change your oil regularly.

Reason 2– Improves the Longevity of your Truck

The engine of your truck has a lifespan that can either be extended or short-lived depending on your maintenance culture. Regular engine oil changes, protect the parts of your engine from wear and tear due to friction.

Dirty oil buildup can also lead to the consumption of more diesel, which causes your engine to do more work. This is what reduces the longevity of your truck and affects its overall function.

Reason 3- Operation Efficiency

Your truck engine needs a lot of things in place for it to function optimally. A regular oil change helps to prevent unplanned breakdowns and expenses. Your engine parts have smooth functionality when there’s enough clean oil flowing through them.

An inefficient engine stresses you as the driver more than you even know. From gear change to the overall truck movement, if you’re not changing your oil regularly, you’ll struggle with these vital functions.

Reason 4– Improve Truck Mileage

When you keep your engine well lubricated, it performs at its peak and consumes an average amount of fuel. The United States Department of Energy confirms that when your engine has the right amount of lubrication, the gas mileage reduces by 1 to 2 per cent. As you keep driving your truck this percentage adds up.

If you regularly change your oil, certain parts of your engine are protected from damage, leading to a perfectly performing engine and increased mileage. Everything you do affects how well your engine functions and how long you enjoy driving your truck. In essence, it is a ripple effect.

There you have it; these 4 points should motivate you to regularly change your oils to avoid unplanned mechanical problems. When it’s time for an oil change, Modern Diesel can help you with the process, to ensure your truck gets only the best.

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