Hybrid Engines? Let’s talk about the future of Diesel.

Hey everyone, this is Kary Sabedra, owner at Modern Diesel.
We’re talking about an exciting subject today, which is the unveiling of a combustion engine that can potentially run on any fuel.

And this isn’t from some obscure company, it’s from Cummins, which we all know and love.

Cummins claims that they have a fuel agnostic internal combustion engine that can basically run on any fuel.

Electric vehicles are trending right now, but there may be a future where drivers use more sustainable fuels like hydrogen or e-fuels.

Cummins knows that there will be changes to fuel sources for combustion engines, and so they recently announced plans to switch to hydrogen long term. Hydrogen of course burns differently than other fuels, so there are challenges to running hydrogen, but the American engine manufacturer thinks that these challenges can be overcome.

Often incentives have to align in order for change to happen. In this case, Cummins developing a flexible fuel agnostic engine will allow them to save development time and production, which ultimately saves them money and then those costs are passed onto the consumer.

These engines will feature the same base below the head gasket. What differs of course id the duel that’s used and what’s above the head gasket. B, L, and X-Series engine portfolios will likely come in diesel, natural gas, and hydrogen configurations.

Modern Diesel will continue to watch these developments so we can better serve our customers. We’re as excited as you are about better tech. Trust us.


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