When To Schedule a Diesel Mechanic for Your Truck

Hello everyone, this is Kary Sabedra, and I’m back with another helpful blog that’ll help you enjoy your diesel truck to the fullest. One question I’ve found that truckers often ask is “how often should I schedule a visit to the diesel mechanic?”. This is a very important question, as a visit to the diesel mechanic can save you from having unplanned breakdowns in the middle of nowhere.

Diesel trucks require very high combustion to function, and that makes their parts wear out faster. Servicing your diesel truck engine helps to extend the life of your truck and prevent wear and tear. So, how often should you schedule a maintenance check for your truck? The average duration is 5 months!

Routine preventive maintenance involves brake checks, wiring checks, engine maintenance, air filters and fuel replacement, and many other checks. After you use your trucks for long-distance travel, the average duration to wait before scheduling a check is 5-6 months. That simply means that you have to see a professional diesel mechanic for routine checks at least twice a year.

The engine oil is one of the most important components of your engine because it plays a huge role in lubricating it and promoting friction. When you allow the oil to go below normal, your truck risks overheating and an engine knock.

During your scheduled visit to your diesel truck engine mechanic, every important part will be checked, including the oil. Changes and fixes will be made where necessary and the mechanic will fill you in on the state of your truck. While it is advisable to check your truck with a professional diesel mechanic every 5-6 months, the duration still depends on the way you use your truck.

If you cover more mileage in a trip, you may want to schedule earlier checks to prevent unforeseen stops. Some things you can do on your own, before your next visit to the diesel mechanic;

  • Check your oil levels

As I’ve mentioned before, oil keeps your truck running smoothly, so keep an eye on it and make sure to top it up even before it becomes red.

  • Regularly gauge your tires

Underinflated tires have a lesser grip on the road and tend to cause road accidents for truckers more often than not. When you drive with underinflated tires, you’ll find it harder to steer as you drive. To prevent any of this from happening, gauge your tires at least once every month!

Make sure to look out for signs that your engine needs repair and regularly carry out these little personal checks. They will go a long way in helping you to learn about an issue before it occurs.

So, there you have it, you should get your truck checked by a certified diesel mechanic at least twice a year. That is every 5 to 6 months depending on how you use your truck. At Modern Diesel, there are licensed mechanics always ready to check on your truck and bring it to its best possible shape. We make it our mission to make sure your truck lasts a lifetime on the road with little to no issues.

Need to schedule a diesel mechanic in Austin for your truck? Feel free to reach out to us.

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